Refreshing Getaways: Discover Stunning Waterfalls Near Bangalore

India has different kinds of natural beauty, in which waterfall is one of them. If you are in Bangalore and looking to relax your mind and peaceful place with natural beauty then you are on the correct page. There are many waterfalls near Bangalore but providing details about the best 10 waterfalls which have a very beautiful view and are listed based on distance.
Before going to visit the waterfalls check the status of the fall, because, some waterfalls are seasonal, and some waterfalls near Bangalore dry up in the summer. Some are hazardous in the rainy monsoon seasons and some are better in winter. Alternatively, some waterfalls offer better sight-views in the monsoon seasons and in summer.

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

1. Thottikallu Falls, Kanakapura : Your Natural Retreat

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Thottikallu Falls is located at a distance of 35 km from Bangalore. It is off the Kanakapura Road and is also known as Swarna Mukhi Falls. The height of this waterfall is around 100ft. Off Kanakpura Road beyond the Art Of Living Ashram (You can also visit Art Of Living Ashram during your visit, it has its beauty), After a few days of rain, the falls present a truly captivating and awe-inspiring spectacle. Thottikallu Falls is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Bengaluru, which attracts photographers to take beautiful pictures of fabulous sights and views and many things. The Muneshwara Temple which is situated under a huge tree is at the entrance of the Thottikallu Falls, It offers a peaceful site to spend a few moments. You can park your car here based on available parking space (Parking is free). You can enjoy a picnic with your family and friends, and you do rock climbing here. One of the best waterfalls near Bangalore is Thottikallu Falls and best place to spend time on weekends.

Best Time To Visit: October to March

Nearest Place:
Art Of Living Ashram, Kanakapura Road

How To Reach:

You can go by bus from Majestic Bus Stand and you can book a cab to reach here.
Location: Kanakapura Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka

2. Muthyalamaduvu Falls, Anekal

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

This waterfall is located at a distance of 40 km from Bangalore towards Hosur, diversion at Chandapura after Electronic City via Anekal (around 4-5 km from Anekal). In Kannada, “Muthyalu” translates to pearls, while “Maduvu” signifies pond or pool. Muthyala Maduvu is a small waterfall also known as Perl Valley. A waterfall from the rocky side of the valley is visible, which is known for its verdant surroundings with water falling from a height of over 95 ft. The water is shallow, allowing for an enjoyable swimming experience in its crystal-clear depths. Top of the cascade there lays a resting spot named Nilgiri Plantation, offering a wonderful view, which is good for photography for Instagram. Overlooking this falls offers a small shrine dedicated to Shiva, adding a religious touch to the place. Muthyala Maduvu, a scenic waterfall near Bangalore, features a charming pond, making it an ideal destination to spend quality time with friends over the weekend. Approximately 500 meters away, there is another waterfall, though the path to reach it is challenging. The best time to visit this place is after Mansoons means August to November probably. During the rainy season, this location looks fantastic as the water looks alive and gorgeous. Parking is available in a minimal amount. Before going arrange food and water because there are not any good restaurants.

How To Reach:

You book a cab to reach here.

3. Chunchi Falls, Kanakapura

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Chunchi Falls is one waterfall near Bangalore and it is located at a distance of 83km from Bangalore, Chunchi Falls is en route to Mekedatu and Sangama in Karnataka. Chunchi Falls gracefully descends from an impressive height of nearly 50 feet. It provides a panoramic 360-degree perspective, it showcases the rocky terrain adorned with lush deciduous forests. Boasting picturesque views that delight photographers, it has gained popularity as a sought-after spot for Instagram-worthy pictures. Swimming is not allowed in this area due to the presence of crocodiles. Staying here until late evening is not advisable, you can enjoy the time.

Visitation period: Day hours after monsoons

Timings: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Entry Fee: No entry fee,
Parking Fee: INR 30

How to Reach?

Book a cab to reach here from Bangalore.

4. Mekedatu Falls, Kanakapura Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Mekedatu means “Goat’s leap” in Kannada. It is located in Kanakapura Taluk, which is an ideal spot for a day trip. Mekedatu Falls is one waterfall near Bangalore that offers a good view. It is located at a distance of around 93km from Bangalore and 110 km from Mysuru. Mekedatu is also known by another name Sangama and it is the confluence of the Cauvery and Akravati rivers. This place is surrounded by beautiful rocky terrains and luscious forests which are home to various species of flora and fauna. Here, Nearby is a Shiva Temple called Sangameshwara Temple. From here, trek 4-5 km to Mekedatu, amidst dense green forest and hills, while you listen to the thunderous roar of the River, as well as the sweet chirping of birds. Cauvery River passes through a narrow crevice where it is believed that even goats could leap across that’s why the name is Mekedątu. This place attracts photographers to take pictures of a panoramic view and beautiful surrounding landscape views. Before going I would suggest keeping food and water because there are only small shops for snacks.

Timings: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Nearest Place to visit:
Chunchi Waterfall

How to Reach?

Book a cab to reach here from Bangalore.

5. Kaigal Falls, Chittoor

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Kaigal Waterfalls is situated in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh state, India, and is surrounded by the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. Kaigal Falls is one waterfall near Bangalore that offers a good view. It is known as Kaigal Falls about the Kaigal village which is located about 2.5 kilometres from the Falls. Kaigal waterfall is also known as Dumukurallu waterfalls. Kaigal Falls are perennial so you can visit anytime in the year. The flow of the waterfall increases, during the monsoon season. The best season to visit the waterfalls is between September and December. The waterfall is subdivided into three cascading falls and waterfalls from a height of 40 ft. There are numerous natural ponds at the bottom of the waterfall. There are popular places nearby, where Shiva linga. The Kaigal Falls has a bus stop to reach this destination hassle-free.

Entry Fee: No Entry Fee
Best Time to Visit: June – October

How to Reach?

Book a cab to reach here from Bangalore or you can take a bus to reach here.

6. Kalyan Revu Waterfalls, Chittoor

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Kalyan Revu Waterfalls is also one of the waterfalls in Koudinya Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh and is around 10km from Palamaner. Kalyan Revu Falls in Chittoor is alternatively known as Kalyan Drive Falls. Kalyan Revu Fall is a waterfall near Bangalore that offers a good view. It offers a 1000ft waterfall, but it’s not continuous, but some kind of step-by-step. This falls is on the Kaundinya River and there is a dam called mordhana situated 10km from this falls.

Best Time to Visit: During the monsoon season (August – September)

How to Reach?

Book a cab to reach here from Bangalore

7. Shivanasamudram Falls, Mandya

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Shivanasamudram Falls is one of the best Waterfalls Near Bangalore that offers a good site view during monsoon season. It is located in Chamarajanara, Mandya at a distance of 130 Km from Bangalore. Shivanasamudram is the site of the first hydroelectric power station in Asia, set up in the early 20th century. Here other waterfalls such as Gaganachukki and Barachukki waterfalls are best visited post-monsoon, when there is abundant water.

Nearby Place to Visit:

BR Hills

How to Reach?

Book a cab to reach here from Bangalore

8. Balmuri Edmuri Waterfalls, Mysore

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Balmuri Falls is one of the best Waterfalls Near Bangalore that offers a good site view to enjoy your day. Balmuri Falls, renowned as the more popular of the two, is a favored location for film shoots. Balmuri Falls are small falls created by a check dam constructed on the river Cauvery. The water flow is not heavy during the dry season and it is safe to enjoy & play in the water here. It is a good picnic spot and is typically visited in the winter. Balmuri Falls is not only a popular spot for its scenic beauty but also an ideal location for swimming and water play. In the vicinity, you’ll find an ancient Ganesha temple adding a touch of historical charm to the surroundings. The optimal time to visit is from March to August, with the visiting hours extending from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM. During summer, you can have fun with boat rides. This site is also famous for movie shooting and it is a very beautiful site-view that attracts photographers to capture beauty.

Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

How to Reach?

Book a cab to reach here from Bangalore

9. Hogenakkal Falls

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Hogenakkal Falls is one of the best Waterfalls Near Bangalore. The meaning of Hogenakkal ‘Hoge’ means smoke and ‘Kallu’ means rock in Kannada. Hogenakkal essentially means smoke over the rocks. Hogenakkal Falls is on the Kaveri River on the border between Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu and Chamrajnagar district of Karnataka. It is located at a distance of around 130km from Bangalore. Hogenakkal Falls offers an amazing sigh view in monsoon season. You can enjoy taking baths under waterfalls and water sports and coracle (coracle is allowed during the dry season as the falls are not strong enough to disrupt the passage of the boats) ride activities. After riding the coracle boat if you are tired and Hungary then you can enjoy freshly caught fish-based dishes and do an oil massage from Local men on the banks of the river. The best time to visit Hogenakkal Falls is from October to February. Before going I would suggest carrying cash only because local people will not accept any UPI transactions. This place attracts photographers to take pictures of a panoramic view and beautiful surrounding landscape views.

Coracle Ride activity timing and price:
Timings: 8:00 AM – 5 PM
Price: Rs750 per boat containing 4 people

How to Reach?

Book a cab from Bangalore to reach Hogenakkal Falls.

10. Jog Falls

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Jog Falls is the second highest plunge waterfall in India and it is located in Siddapura taluk Uttara Kannada district it is a 2.5 hrs drive from Shimoga City and at a distance of around 400km from Bangalore. Jog Falls is one of the most beautiful Waterfalls Near Bangalore and a major tourist attraction in Karnataka and is the highest waterfall in the state. The height of this waterfall is around 850ft in a single fall. Due to the construction of Linganamakki Dam which is a hydroelectricity plant close by, the flow in the falls is hugely restricted before monsoons. So, it is best to visit during the Monsoon season (Between August to December) only when fall is in full form. During monsoons, it offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the falls with sometimes rainbows coming and you can go down 1400 steps to the base of waterfalls and view the beauty and sound of nature at its best. Jog Falls is also known as Gerosappa Falls, this seasonal waterfall is split into four parts – Raja, Roarer, Rocket, and Rani. These are named based on certain characteristics of the streams, Raja is an unbroken stream, Roarer is a strong and violent, Rocket flows down in different jets and Rani is a quiet stream with falls in foam. When you visit here try to find the identification of the streams of this Jog Falls. You can enjoy here nature walks, watching different kinds of migratory birds, kayaking, and coracle riding. It is the best place to spend time on weekends and holidays.

How To Reach?

It enjoys excellent connectivity through air, train, and road networks. If you are coming by air then Mangalore International Airport is the closest airport located 219 Km away, If you are coming by train then the nearest railway station is Talaguppa Railway Station ( 20 Km) and if you are coming by road then you can drive from Bangalore to Jog Falls which is 400 Km.

Other Waterfalls near Bangalore

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Abbey Falls, Coorg

Nestled 268 km away from Bangalore, Abbey Falls in Coorg is a captivating natural wonder that enchants visitors with its cascading beauty and lush surroundings. Read More…

Mallalli Waterfall

  • Located 252 km from Bangalore in Coorg.
  • Scenic marvel surrounded by lush greenery.
  • Offers a refreshing escape.
  • Provides a breathtaking view of nature’s splendor.

Chelavara Falls

  • Located 259 km from Bangalore.
  • Situated near Virajpet in Coorg.
  • Offers a mesmerizing cascade of falling water.
  • Surrounded by beautiful nature.
  • Provides a peaceful escape for those who love the outdoors.

Hebbe Falls

  • Location: 292 km from Bangalore in Kemmangundi
  • Setting: Nestled within the lush Western Ghats forests
  • Features: Offers a serene and picturesque experience
  • Ideal for: Nature lovers seeking a tranquil escape

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Waterfalls is situated 564 km from Bangalore, Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Goa is a spectacular natural marvel, where cascading white waters amidst lush greenery create a breathtaking spectacle, drawing visitors to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the falls. Read More…

Chunchanakatte Falls

  • Location: 205 km from Bangalore, near Mysore
  • Natural Beauty: Picturesque waterfall with lush green surroundings.
  • Ideal for: Nature lovers seeking a serene escape.
  • Perfect For: Photography and enjoying the outdoors.

Talakona Falls

  • Located 250 km from Bangalore, near Tirupati.
  • Nestled within dense forests and serene landscapes.
  • Captivating natural wonder and popular retreat.
  • Cascading from a height of 270 ft, it’s Andhra Pradesh’s tallest waterfall.
  • Water is believed to have healing properties due to herbal infusions.
  • Located amidst a dense forest, offering a refreshing escape.
  • Features the sacred Sri Siddeshwara Swami temple, attracting devotees.

Kalhatti Falls

  • Situated 265 km from Bangalore in Chikmagalur.
  • Nestled amidst the lush Western Ghats.
  • Offers a tranquil and picturesque setting.
  • Ideal for nature enthusiasts and travelers seeking a scenic escape.

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Shanti Falls

  • Located 269 km from Bangalore.
  • Situated in Chikmagalur, amidst the scenic Western Ghats.
  • Offers a peaceful and picturesque escape.
  • Ideal for those seeking tranquility in nature.

Pykara Falls

  • Situated 281 km from Bangalore.
  • Located in Ooty, Pykara Falls offers a stunning natural attraction.
  • Cascading waters flow amidst lush landscapes, creating a scenic spectacle.
  • A popular destination for experiencing the beauty of a picturesque waterfall.

Puliyancholai Falls

  • Located 300 km from Bangalore
  • Near Trichy, a hidden gem
  • Surrounded by dense forests, offers a serene and refreshing retreat
  • Perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers

Soochipara Falls in Wayanad

  • Situated 304 km from Bangalore.
  • A captivating natural wonder, with cascading waters amidst lush greenery.
  • Offers a picturesque setting.
  • Invites visitors to experience nature’s tranquility.

Catherine Falls

  • Nestled 316 km from Bangalore, Catherine Falls is located in Kotagiri.
  • It’s a breathtaking cascade in the scenic Nilgiris. The falls offer a tranquil escape and a visual feast.
  • Perfect for those seeking nature’s serenity.

Tada Falls

  • Located 330 km from Bangalore
  • Situated in the Chittoor district
  • Offers a peaceful getaway for nature lovers
  • Ideal for hiking and exploring scenic beauty

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Sirimane Falls

  • Located approximately 336 km from Bangalore.
  • Nestled within the lush Western Ghats forests.
  • Also known as Kigga Falls.
  • Situated close to the village of Kigga.
  • Features a waterfall with a height of 40 ft.

Manikyadhara Falls

  • Location: 342 km from Bangalore, in Chikmagalur, Karnataka.
  • Accessibility: Located 7 km from the Baba Budangiri district in Chikmagalur.

Thusharagiri Falls

  • Located approximately 348 km from Bangalore.
  • Situated within the breathtaking Western Ghats.
  • Ideal destination for a one-day trip from Bangalore.
  • Perfect for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.
  • Surrounded by lush plantations and misty mountains.

Barkana Falls

Location: Barkana Falls is nestled in the Balehilli forest areas, Shimoga district, Karnataka, India.
Claim to Fame: Listed among India’s top ten highest waterfalls, Barkana Falls is a crucial hydroelectricity source in Karnataka.
Scenic Beauty: The cascading waterfall offers mesmerizing views of the Western Ghats with ever-changing lush greenery every 100 meters.
Perfect Day Trip: Ideal for a one-day escape from the city, Barkana Falls is a popular spot for picnics and trekking.
Accessibility: Located approximately 7 km from Agumbe village.
Best Time to Visit: For the most majestic water flow, visit in late August or during the winter season.
Height: An impressive 850 feet tall.

Hanuman Gundi Falls

  • Located 348.9 km from Bangalore in Chikmagalur.
  • A scenic waterfall nestled within lush greenery.
  • A popular destination for hiking enthusiasts.
  • Provides a serene setting for exploration and relaxation.
  • Visitors can bathe in the refreshing waters of the falls.

Achakanya Falls

  • Location: 368 km from Bangalore, located in Shimoga.
  • Natural Setting: Hidden gem formed by the Sharavathi River, nestled within the Western Ghats.
  • Offbeat Destination: Lacks signs and established trekking routes.
  • Limited Infrastructure: No readily available accommodations or food options.

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Siruvani Waterfalls

  • Siruvani Waterfalls offer a breathtaking view worth the effort of reaching them.
  • Perfect for a day trip from Bangalore.
  • Nestled in a dense forest, the falls are formed by the Siruvani River.
  • Best viewed during the monsoon season for the most spectacular display.
  • Located at Noyyal River, Booluvampatti, Siruvani Hills in Tamil Nadu (approximately 400 km from Bangalore).
  • Ideal to visit between June and October to experience Tamil Nadu’s natural beauty.

Burude Falls in Coorg

  • Located in Coorg, 430 km from Bangalore
  • A hidden gem within the Western Ghats
  • Perfect for nature enthusiasts seeking a tranquil escape
  • Lesser-known waterfall, ideal for those who want to avoid crowds
  • Surrounded by lush green forests
  • Known for its breathtaking natural beauty

Unchalli Falls

  • Location: 432 km from Bangalore in Uttara Kannada.
  • Nickname: Keppa Joga (due to its thunderous sound).
  • Scenery: Revered for its stunning beauty. Nestled within dense forests.
  • Source: Aghanashini River.

Kudumari Waterfalls

  • Location: 449 km from Bangalore in Udupi. Located near Chaktikal village.
  • Surrounded by lush forests for a serene atmosphere.
  • Haven for adventure lovers with a challenging trek.
  • Might pose risks for less experienced hikers.
  • Majestic waterfall with a 300-foot drop.

Koosalli Waterfalls

  • Location: 450 km from Bangalore, near Kundapur.
  • Description: Captivating waterfall in the lush forest offering a tranquil retreat.
  • Activities: Trekking through a 6 km forest trail with challenging rock climbing.
  • Unique Feature: Perennial waterfall, vital for local agriculture.
  • Accessibility: 15 km from Shiroor via Toodalli, 4 km from Koosalli village.
  • Best Time to Visit: November – December to witness the falls at full grandeur.
  • Height: 470 feet.

Silver Cascade Falls

  • Renowned for its crystal-clear waters, Silver Cascade Falls is a popular tourist attraction.
  • The falls originate from the overflow of Kodai Lake, cascading down 180 feet.
  • A common rest stop for travelers, it offers scenic views and stalls selling fruits and local products.
  • Located on Kodaikanal Ghat Road in Tamil Nadu, 458 km from Bangalore.
  • Best visited between July and September to witness its full splendor.

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Apsara Konda Falls

  • Located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka.
  • Falls from a height of 32 feet, forming a lagoon-like pond.
  • The name ‘Apsara’ means angel – legend says they bathed here.
  • Features Apsara Konda Hill and the mystical Pandava Caves.
  • Believed to have sheltered the Pandavas during their exile.
  • Best explored from October to February.
  • Approximately 470km from Bangalore.

Athirappilly Waterfalls

Key Features: One of the finest waterfalls near Bangalore, Located in Athirappilly, Kerala. Originates from the Chalakudy River. 120 feet tall, Surrounded by lush forests with endangered species.
Best Time to Visit: July to September for the most impressive flow
Journey: Scenic route from Chalakudy with villages, greenery, and backwaters. Bamboo path through Oil Palm reserve
Location: Chalakudy Taluk, Thrissur District, Kerala. Approximately 515 km from Bangalore
Overall Appeal: A must-visit for nature lovers seeking Kerala’s beauty.

Vazhachal Waterfalls

  • Location: Chalakudy River, Athirappilly Panchayath, Thrissur district, Kerala
  • Natural Wonder: Renowned for its beauty, surrounded by lush Western Ghats forests.
  • Ideal For: Nature enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, picnics, day trips from Bangalore.
  • Nearby Attractions: Explore unique riparian vegetation, Dream World & Silver Storm Water Parks.
  • Best Time to Visit: September-October for peak water flow and lush greenery.

Cheeyappara Waterfalls

  • Location: Cheeyappara Waterfalls, Idukki, Kerala (572 km from Bangalore)
  • Description: Breathtaking cascade nestled within the Western Ghats, offering a serene retreat for nature lovers.
  • Activities: Trekking, enjoying the beauty of cascading waters and lush greenery.
  • Uniqueness: Seven-step waterfall surrounded by rare plants and endangered animals.
  • Best Time to Visit: Monsoon season for the most impressive water flow.
  • Significance: A growing tourist destination and a must-see attraction in Idukki.

Thommankuthu Falls

  • Location: Thommankuthu Falls, Idukki, Kerala (575 km from Bangalore)
  • Ambiance: Captivating natural spectacle surrounded by dense forests and picturesque landscapes
  • Activities: Offers a tranquil and refreshing retreat for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers
  • Known for: Exceptional trekking experiences amidst stunning natural beauty
  • Height: 130 feet
  • Region: Thodupuzha Taluk, Idukki district, Kerala
  • Significance: Renowned tourist attraction in South India showcasing the beauty of Kerala’s Western Ghats

Meenmutty Falls

  • Located in Wayanad amidst the Western Ghats, Meenmutty Falls offers a stunning natural escape.
  • It showcases the beauty of Kerala’s landscapes with pristine surroundings and cascading waters.
  • Meenmutty Falls boasts an impressive height of 1000 feet, making it the highest waterfall near Bangalore.
  • Situated approximately 672 km from Bangalore and 30 km from Kalpetta, Wayanad.


Nature is just a short drive away. Waterfalls near Bangalore offer a refreshing break from city life. Explore these natural wonders for a revitalizing experience. It’s the perfect weekend adventure!


Answer: Below waterfalls basically famous for its height and beautiful view.
Abbey Falls in Coorg boasts a height of 70 ft, while Mallalli Falls, also in Coorg, stands tall at 1000 ft. Jog Falls in Shimoga cascades from a towering height of 830 ft, Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Goa impresses with a staggering height of 1017 ft, and Kaigal Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh measures at 40 ft. Hogenakkal Falls in Dharmapur has a height of 66 ft, and Iruppu Falls in Virajpet showcases a majestic drop of 170 ft.

Answer: While Bangalore itself does not have waterfalls, there are several popular ones in the surrounding areas that you can visit with friends and family, Such as: Chunchi Falls, Shivanasamudra Falls, Hogenakkal Falls, Thotikallu Falls.

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